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MBC TV logoMBC TV is located in Washington, DC and broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Programming consists of news and talk shows as well as soaps, music concerts, sitcoms, movies, variety shows from different parts of the Arab World.


Future TV logoFuture TV is one of the leading Arab satellite stations, broadcast 24 hours a day with the rich variety of local and foreign programs such as “La-ayounak series”, “Khalleek Bi Beit” and “Alam El Sabah”. Future Television – a Lebanese based channel – raises the bar for programming quality on the Arabic platform. Future TV’s grid is loaded with a great number of highly successful American programs, from Seinfeld to Home Improvement.


LBC TV logoLBC TV is a 24-hour Arabic language variety channel direct from Lebanon. It contains movies, sports, mini-series and talks-shows such as “Cahter Yehki”, also “Kalam El Nass”, a direct objective approach to politics with a live honest discussion between the public and different leaders.


Dandana TV logoDandana TV is an American channel Broadcasts from the U.S.A., Dandana TV is the first 24 hour Arabic music video channel to air and broadcast in North America. Dandana TV reaches vast audience of multi-cultural viewers from across North America. Dandana TV has brought a wide variety of popular Arabic music videos to a Western audience. The selection for current programming is a response to the growing population of Arabic-speaking viewers, as well as non-Arabic speaking viewers interested in Middle Eastern pop-culture.


Al Hazeera TV logoAl Jazeera TV Network
In accordance with the large number of Arabs located in North America and over seas, Al jazeera TV network channels cater to and provide Arabic speaking viewers with the latest and most comprehensive news coverage of political, economical, social and sports around the world.. 
Al Jazeera Television provides a unique blend of Arabic and multi-language programming consisting primarily of entertainment, mini-series, drama, sports, movies, music videos, and children’s educational programs.


ART logoArab Radio and Television (ART) has dedicated a twenty-four hour channel to the Arab population in North America; streaming live events from the Middle East. The company was first found in Saudia Arabia by a business man Salah Abdullah Kamal; specializing in family entertainment, inclusinding music, sports and movies. ART America provides a blend of Arabic and English programming consisting primarily of entertainment, mini-series, drama, sports, movies, music videos, and children’s educational programs. It targets the younger generation through cultural and musical programmings and offers language lessons and learning program


A1T logoAlT Arabiya
The station’s 24-hour free to air news and current affairs channel sets a new trend in the region by offering an unbiased, objective and credible coverage of the news, without reverting to sensationalism or emotional partiality. On the whole, AlT Arabiya is rational but not rigid, informative and daring without being controversial.


Bridges TV logoBridges TV is the first channel of its kind that offers a broad range of lifestyle oriented programming that aims to foster a greater understanding between the West and MESA (Middle Eastern/South Asian) religions, its cultures, and diverse populations. With an engaging mix of original and acquired programming from all over the world, Bridges TV seeks to be an educational and entertaining channel that provides food for thought and help people understand our diverse world here and abroad.