First and foremost, it is necessary to state that gay Muslims exist. Throughout the world there are thriving underground LGBTQ communities, which as time passes and universal human rights continue to become institutionalized, will hopefully begin to garner mainstream attention. In America, gay Muslims are utilizing new technology to increase LGBTQ consciousness and create solidarity amongst gay Muslim Americans. Through online resources and social networking, we will be able to better facilitate scholarship and dialogue concerning the hybrid identities of Arab American homosexuals.

Unfortunately many gay Muslims must confront the not uncommon belief that homosexuality is strictly anti-Islamic. Some people even feel that the only debate surrounding the subject should be concerned with the appropriate punishment for such an offense. However, while the language of the Qur’an certainly solidifies heterosexuality as the norm for relationships, it never overtly forbids homosexuality. It does not even explicitly reference homosexuality. The only reference found in the Qur’an is to the story of Lut. And while the Qu’ran does cite sexual transgressions that violate Islamic moral code, homosexuality is never discussed in detail.