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The Muslims are Coming! is a documentary film that traces the journey of a 2011 stand-up comedy tour featuring American-Muslim comedians as they perform in the Deep South and Western United States. Traveling throughout the US with stops in small towns across Southern and Western states such as Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arizona and Utah to offer free shows, these Arab American comedians hoped to attract crowds and spark discussions. Comedian and producer/director of the documentary Dean Obeidallah said, “we really wanted to make this tour a chance to reach out American to American, people of different faiths coming together, laughing together.

In some cities Jewish and Christian comedians also performed, and in addition to the stand-up performances, the tour offered other street activities to meet as many people as possible. These included setting up an “Ask a Muslim” booth and playing “Name that Religion,” a game where people tried to identify a quote read from either the Old Testament, New Testament or the Qur’an. The driving mission of the tour: to counter Islamophobia with the strongest weapon of all: comedy.