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Arab American News Wire

The mission of the Arab American News Wire is to connect and network American Arab media throughout the United States to help strengthen our community. We offer a wide range of free services. AANW pays American Arabs to write news and feature stories that are distributed free of charge to American Arab and Muslim American news media in print, broadcast and online. Their writings (News and Features) are distributed here and can be used by any media free of charge (with attribution).


Radio Baladi

Radio Baladi is a live American Arab & Muslim Radio show based in Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan, on Friday mornings. It is the largest Arab, Muslim Radio broadcast in America. It focuses exclusively on the American Arab and Muslim community, and the Middle East issues with an emphasis on helping mainstream Americans better understand the people of the Middle East.


Arab Voices

Arab Voices radio talk show has been broadcasting live every Wednesday since April 2002 on KPFT Radio (Pacifica Station), 90.1 FM in Houston and 89.5 FM in Galveston, and in few cases, we were able to broadcast special programs across the nation. The show also broadcasts live worldwide on the Internet at or at
Every Wednesday, we bring you special programs and distinguished guests, covering a wide range of issues such as the Arab world, its history, culture and civilization, Arab-Americans, civil rights and liberties, immigration issues, media coverage of events about the Arab world, the U.S. Foreign Policy towards the Middle East, and much more.
Arab Voices aims at bringing the truth, facts and realities to the wide and diverse range of listeners.  It debunks many of the stereotypes, myths and false information disseminated by certain media outlets, some politicians and others.


El Salam Radio

El Salam is the first global Arab and National American Online radio and welcomes all of you! Our job is to play most favorite songs and entertain you throughout your entire day with music, news, and business successes of the Arab American community. Very soon, we will bring you the Top 10 songs of the day program, which will be chosen by YOU, our listeners! All that and much more surprises await you LIVE and only on El Salam Radio!


Radio Tahrir

Radio Tahrir broadcasts from New York City on Pacifica-WBAI. The program’s website says that it is “dedicated to the principle of public broadcasting with the aim of bringing the voices, history, compassion and concerns of Arab/Muslim peoples everywhere to the general public.”