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Arab American Business Magazine

It is part of the New York Community Media Alliance. New York Community Media Alliance is a member-driver organization that promotes and advocates for the ethnic and community media in New York and the metropolitan area. NYCMA is a project of the Fund for the City of New York.


Azizah Muslim Woman’s Magazine

Azizah is the world’s window to the Muslim American woman. The first magazine of its kind, Azizah was launched in October 2000; now celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary. It received the 2009 New America Media Award for Environmental Journalism and named a finalist for the 2010 FOLIO Eddie Award in the Religion and Spirituality category. Azizah Magazine desrcibes itself as enabling “the Muslim woman to define her own agenda; it serves as a vehicle for her voice and as a catalyst her empowerment. The Azizah woman makes no apology for being a woman and no apology for being a Muslim. She’s inspired and inspirational. Catch the spirit of the Azizah woman”.


Hathihe Ramallah Magazine

Hathihe Ramallah Magazine was founded in 1952, by a group of Ramallah students attending Wayne State University in Detroit. It is a non-profit magazine published bi-monthly by the Staff. The Magazine is “dedicated to the service of our Federation, Clubs, Ramallah institutions, and communities in the U.S.A., Palestine and other countries”.


Maronite Voice Magazine

The Maronite Voice and Maronites Today, have been consolidated into one monthly publication. It also has an allotted space for the National Apostolate of Maronites (NAM) to publish their news.


Islamica Magazine

Islamica Magazine was an award winning magazine recognized for its quality of design and editorial content. Founded in 1999 , Islamica won several awards including three DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Awards of Excellence for overall periodical and three Best of Class Awards honored by the Religion Communicators Council. It was also nominated as best magazine for spiritual coverage by the UTNE Independent Press Awards.


Washington Report on ME Affairs

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is a publication of the American Educational Trust. Founded in 1986, its educational mission is to  “help provide the American public with balanced and accurate information concerning U.S. relations with Middle Eastern states”. It’s a 76 page magazine published nine times per year in Washington DC.  It focuses “on news and analysis from and about teh Middle East and US policy in that region”.


Minaret Magazine

Founded in 1993, the Minaret Magazine is a student news sourse of the University of Tampa. It publishes a weekly newspaper and a monthly magazine. It provides information about campus life and the greater Tampa area.


 Horizons Magazine  

Founded in 1999, the Islamic Horizons is the bi-monthly publication of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); the nation umbrella organization of Muslim communities in US. It “presents the Muslim perspective on news and events important tp American Muslims.” Islamic Horizons publishes special issues on Ramadan, Haj and on the annual ISNA convention.


Al Jumuah Magazine

Al Jumuah Magazine is a Muslim lifestyle publication that addresses the religious concerns of Muslim families across the world; issues regarding Islamic education and moral upbringing, spirituality, creed and jurisprudence (fiqh).