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Kareem Salama


Kareem Salama has been hailed as the first American Muslim Country singer. His musical roots derive from his birthplace in Oklahoma where from an early age he was exposed to Southern, Western, and Native American culture and music. Kareem Salama’s name means “Generous Peace,” a phrase he used as the title of his first album in 2006. His hobbies for classical poetry and song-writing led him to begin recording his first album with friend and producer Aristotle Mihalopoulos while he was still in law school. Since then he has produced two more records: This Life of Mine (2007) and City of Lights (2011) and has performed in concerts around the world. Salama’s songs frequently deal with themes of family, home, and love. His Egyptian parents immigrated to the United States in the 1960s. For more information, see Kareem Salama’s official website:


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